We transform denim with our unique, innovative ideas and the power of technology. We involve our customers in the sustainability transformation process with quality and sustainable products and change their consumption habits. We aim to inspire the industry with innovative products with low environmental impact by embracing the circular economy model. We support this approach with innovation partnerships to shape the future of sustainable fashion. With responsible raw material sourcing and production, we spread this transformation to every aspect of the value chain, from the farmer to the end-consumer.

Since the very beginning, we have continued to meet customer expectations with the right price-quality balance with our Perfect Fit philosophy guiding us. We now take it one step further to make quality and sustainable products accessible to all our customers. As a result, we help consumers make better choices with our eco-friendly All Blue collection.

We believe that the best denim is sustainable denim. Therefore, we invest more in R&D and product development. All Blue is our sustainability approach built on people, nature, innovation, digitalization, and efficiency. All Blue is also the name of our eco-friendly collection, developed with innovative methods and produced with less water, less chemicals, and less energy. We continue to lead the industry with the All Blue collection, made with recycled, upcycled and organic materials.

Partnerships play a key role in the sustainability transformation of our industry and driving innovation. We engage in innovation partnerships with various other brands, designers, and universities to expand our positive impact and inspire the industry.

We encourage manufacturers to make responsible raw material choices and help them transform their production processes. We trace and steadily increase the ratio of sustainable materials (organic, recycled, upcycled, and BCI-certified cotton, recycled metal, etc.) in Mavi products.