Mavi All Blue Collections

All Blue, Mavi’s most sustainable collection yet, reflects our love of nature in various ways and drives a change in shopping habits by instilling an awareness about sustainable products in the consumers.

The products in the Mavi All Blue collection are made with one or more of OCS-certified organic, RCS-certified recycled or Better Cotton-licensed cotton, TENCEL™ modal and lyocell, RCS-certified recycled polyester, and upcycled materials. The sustainable fiber content in fabrics is shaped around Mavi’s quality first focus, design approach, and product performance specifications. The products - true, unfiltered versions of denim - are 100% vegan and the labels are made from recycled paper.

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Fabric compositions and sustainable materials

Sustainability features of the hardware used in the product

Innovative Materials Developed Specifically for Exclusive Collections

Sustainability features of packaging materials

Innovative Production Methods Resource Management

All Blue products contain sustainable fibers and are made with efficient technologies that consume less water and energy than conventional production techniques.

Former All Blue Collections

All Blue's newest award-winning product group: Natural Dye / SS2023

• From natural clay fabric dye
• Non-toxic, resistant to UV rays with its unique crystal structure
• The use of chemicals is almost non-existent.
• Buttons from Hazelnut Shell and Bio-Based Back Labels with Olive Seed
• Cardboard labels can be cultivable, from basil seeds

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Mavi’s Most Sustainable Jeans /FW 2022

• Minimal water consumption with hemp fibers grown only with rainwater
• Recycled cotton, threads and materials
• Bio-based nutshell buttons
• Reduced energy consumption with fewer processes
• Breathable, soft, comfortable and durable jeans with Comfort fabric technology
• “Best Sustainable Collection” award at The Rivet Awards

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Esra Gülmen x Mavi:
Wearable Art, Mavi Wayi / SS 2022

Esra Gülmen embraces an artistic approach that fuses typography and illustration to address everyday problems and concepts in a simple yet striking manner. In a new collaboration with Mavi, she brings her nature-themed designs to a sustainable eco-friendly collection.

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Mavi Pro Sport / FW 2021

Within the scope of the All Blue collection which we continue to develop environment-friendly products for a sustainable future, we designed Mavi Pro Sport, a collection made with Repreve® blend fabrics. In total, 593,750 plastic bottles were recycled, which corresponds to eight bottles per product in the Pro Sport collection.

The eco-friendly fabrics are made with Repreve® recycled performance fiber of Unifi, the trusted, sustainable global solutions provider and one of the most advanced recycling facilities in the US. These fabrics are not only breathable, but they also have wicking and thermal regulation properties while meeting superior health and hygiene standards with the OEKO-TEX Annex 6 certification.

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